If it were up to me every family would schedule time to cook together. When my kids were very, very young I’d involve them by asking them to pass ingredients or place the sliced red peppers for the mouth of their happy face pizza. Our kitchen then had a play area so it was easy to prepare meals while watching them play and there was always an open invitation for them to hang out with mommy in the kitchen.

As they got a little older they were cracking eggs and decorating cupcakes and before I knew it my kids were competing with each other to see who could make the best salad and dressing for the house title, a take on the show Masterchef Kids.

This has always been a family value of mine. It became even more important to me when their diagnoses of celiac disease and severe allergies came in and I had to convert my kitchen. Now it wasn’t only about participating in preparing meals together as a family for the good it brought to us. It was about them becoming familiar with what was safe to eat and what was not. I wanted them to be comfortable and knowledgeable in the kitchen because eventually they will be making their own food to stay safe.

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