My Story

Chef Miriam Pearl Delicious Without Gluten

Hi, I am Miriam, the mom, recipe developer and entrepreneur behind Delicious Without Gluten Inc. I owned a design studio for 18 years and a peanut free bakery for two years.  With one child who suffers severe food allergies and both children with Celiac Disease I decided to leave the bakery behind to focus full time on the health, care and safety of my children. Understanding the challenges of having children with allergies and gluten intolerance, my compassion for other moms dealing with this runs deep which is why I have made it my business to provide healthy, delicious safe-to-eat foods.

DWG started with its most innovative product the gluten-free pita bread, a versatile and unique offering in the gluten-free world. My muffins are known for their light and moist texture and healthy content, and my cupcakes have been to countless birthday parties without anyone even knowing they are gluten-free!  Recently I opened a new factory to introduce my new breads…..the best taste and texture on the market, if I do say so myself!

With a dedicated peanut/nut free, dairy-free and gluten-free factory now behind me, along with a kosher certification, I am determined to fill shelves, fridges and freezers in stores across Quebec and Ontario. Come taste my baked goods at a local health food store! Go to Store Locator to find a place near you. Special orders are possible, so call me at (514) 542-3943 or email me at [email protected].

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What We Do


Packaged retail bags of bread, clamshell packs of muffins, brownies, cake loafs and cupcakes are all made for retail. They are distributed to stores and each week we are growing our distribution. Check out our STORE LOCATOR  for a store near you.

Food Services

Products can be bought in bulk for Restaurants or catering. We make dinner rolls, pizza crust and cupcakes in bulk.

Special Orders

It is our pleasure to make birthday cake, cupcakes and cake pops to help you celebrate your special occasion.

For all inquiries, please call Miriam at 514-652-0230 or email at [email protected].