When I host for the holidays, I like to be creative and I like to make it memorable. I might buy for myself some fresh cut flowers or an arrangement that matches the theme. And when it comes to the meal, I always enjoy planning an outstanding menu. I have found over the past few years that more and more often the people I entertain have special requests around the food they do and do not eat so I try my best to accommodate them.

I have heard from some of my readers that they are frustrated and confused by the various allergies, restrictions and diets people are dealing with today. There is a veritable minefield of things to avoid when cooking for guests and I know what it’s like to navigate the gluten free diet, as well cooking for vegans, and the gamut of allergies unique to each individual. I love sharing my recipes and tips to make things easy for holiday meal planning.

Let’s focus on some very specific things you can do as the host for the holidays that will help you create your menu, plan with less stress and make everyone comfortably satiated with what you serve.

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