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Toronto’s Gluten-free Gem – Kensington Cornerstone

Having a 100% gluten-free restaurant who has no nuts or peanuts and can make dairy-free alternatives is just about the best thing we could have found on our Toronto trip! The owner has Celiac Disease and completely understands the issues of going gluten-free and dealing with cross contamination. Feeling safe is worth every penny! The [...]

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CD and a Peanut allergy to boot!

Usually my focus is on Celiac Disease, but this last trip has been a reminder of how peanut allergies are still an issue for our kids. In this day and age, when many kids have peanut allergies and schools have peanut free zones, you would think that parents would be more sympathetic to the cause. [...]

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Let us Have our Desserts

When first my 5 year old son and later my 6 year old daughter were both diagnosed with Celiac, a tsunami of emotions overtook me. Shock, worry, vulnerability; gratitude that with a strict life changing diet plan the pain from their intolerance can be managed and their health restored and acceptance that this is for [...]

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