For some people, eating gluten-free is a health choice while for others it’s a life’s commitment due to intolerance or Celiac Disease. For those who have no choice, they are limited to what is available on the market. They may remember their favourite soft breads they used to eat and no longer can…….until NOW!

Introducing a gluten-free bread that tastes like bread! Our goal is to mimic the flavours and textures of the Real McCoy! No more crumbly bread, no more funky tasting flavours – just nice soft textures and flavours blended in various shapes so you can eat sandwiches without toasting the bread, hamburgers in buns, pour smoked salmon on bagels, and garlic spread on baguettes for those Italian spaghetti nights!

Our core line is: white loaf, brown loaf, vegan loaf, cinnamon raisin loaf, hamburger buns, vegan hamburger buns, baguette, bagels, challah rolls and Pita bread.

We are introducing new breads all the time. We have already developed dinner rolls, bread sticks and pizza crust and will continue to experiment to achieve all of your favorites. Hope you find us in a store near you! Bon apetit!