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Yes! You Can Be On a Budget and Gluten-Free

Gluten-free products are much more expensive than their regular counterparts making it tough on people to stick to their grocery budgets. Simply put, buying gluten-free products might not be an option and where it is not optional, discretion is the key in deciding where to spend those coveted grocery dollars. When you are diagnosed as [...]

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The Magic Moments That Make Me Love Being A Mom

When you have kids you're always in love. The magic moments are just waiting to happen. All you need to do is grab the opportunities and here is a BIG one! Do you remember the little heart shaped candies with messages on them? Pale and fun color hearts with red colored messages? I know! Well, [...]

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Allergen-Friendly Holiday Meal Planning

When I host for the holidays, I like to be creative and I like to make it memorable. I might buy for myself some fresh cut flowers or an arrangement that matches the theme. And when it comes to the meal, I always enjoy planning an outstanding menu. I have found over the past few [...]

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Kids With Dietary Needs Must Be Empowered, Not Protected

When we get the news that a family member has Celiac or food allergies, we automatically go into overdrive. We see to it that we provide everything our loved ones need to regain their health. We watch and worry until we all adjust and adapt to a whole new lifestyle. When I got my kids' [...]

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Sweet Treats for the Jewish New Year

I love the harvest that autumn brings to us. It's an invigorating time of renewal and bounty in nature and with Rosh Hashanah on our heels, it's a time for setting intentions for a sweet, bountiful year. My whole family including the gluttons for gluten look forward to eating my gluten free adaptations. I hope [...]

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Why Exactly Is Gluten-Free So Expensive?

There is a recent story that was in the news that caused me to stop in my tracks and scratch my head. It was about a woman who was upset because a restaurant she went to charged $1 more for requesting allergy-friendly food. She was not only surprised, the article says, but offended. Well, I [...]

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