It’s a WRAP My friends…..A Passover treat so good, you will use it all year round!

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It’s a WRAP My friends…..A Passover treat so good, you will use it all year round!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Tortillas for Passover? There must be some sort of mistake!

Close your eyes and think about Passover….and what do you see? MATZAH, dry crackers and dry cakes. Oh yes, and potatoes and eggs! That is the food of Passover. And what do you say can make the difference in daily eating? A Tortilla bread that is soft and flexible and savoury!

And so let it be…….

Today I have 2 kinds of Tortillas with many variations.

White Potato, such as Idaho or Russet, is ideal because their starch content is high and acts as a great binder. It also makes for a plain tasting “white” bread which many will enjoy its simplicity. Big ones, small ones, stuff it with tuna and cheese, chicken or lettuce, avocado and tomato. Eat it plain or grilled. It is your vehicle to a great sandwich!

You can add spices and herbs to the mix, because this will change your life! Try minced sundried tomatoes and olives, rosemary and granulated garlic, oregano and goat cheese or any other combo your heart desires.

Cut them into little cookie shapes and make crackers too. Great hors d’oevres for the seders, perfect for company!

One of my favorite cheeses during Passover is the yellow tower cheddar slices. Adding this to the mix will give it a cheddar flavor or you can add mozzarella or munster, or…..anything you like and voila…its cheesy bread!

Cut them in triangles, brush them with oil and spices and you have tortilla chips!

Make it thicker and brush with olive oil and bake it to make it into a pizza crust….

Change the potato into sweet potato, add some spices such as cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon and now you have a more healthy and unique flavoured wrap! We can add coconut flakes, chopped coriander and black pepper to add some texture and flavor to the mix! Let us know what flavours you tried this Passover. We’d love to hear from you!

Let the fun Begin!

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