Its Purim and that time of year when we make hamentashen!

I have had so many people who requested a vegan recipe, or at least one without eggs and so this year we are making this holiday a VERY VEGAN PURIM!

I have 3 doughs and 3 fillings that can be mix and matched.

Cookie dough can be used as both a a dough and a filling. I added a bit more flour to keep the dough more rigid so that it works well as a dough and doesn’t melt as a soft cookie.

Cake pop filling can be made to your taste, but I give you some great CHEATS….that are quick and easy.

A healthy chocolate chickpea paste that you would never believe tastes so divine!

And some fun with flavours to change up the old plain tasteless doughs that will surely make this Purim fun and tasty even if you are not vegan!

Three Delicious Doughs

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vegan Orange Dough

Chocolate Cream Cheese Hamentashen 

Watch Miriam talk about making vegan Hamentashen on Breakfast Television