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DWG becomes a Boston Pizza Supplier!

As pallets leave our warehouse, we are thrilled to know that as of June, Boston Pizza will be adding to all of their restaurants a vegan burger that will come with DWG's vegan hamburger bun. It will also be used as a gluten-free burger bun option for their regular burger and for this we are [...]

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Délicieux sans gluten chez Costco!

Dès la semaine du 3 décembre, dans 13 Coscto au Québec, des boitiers de 24 petits gâteaux vanille et chocolat sans allergène seront disponibles. La gâterie parfaite pour tous vos évènements familiales, écoles et fêtes d’anniversaires. Tout le monde peut en profiter sans hésitation et des sourires pour tous! Juste à temps pour la période [...]

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Allergy Free Cookie Decorating Class

For all kids who want to come to do cookie decorating allergy free, I am holding a class at Provigo Le Marché  Hosted by Provigo Le Marché Pierrefonds and West Island Events on October 28th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. To sign up, click here Tickets can be bought Here

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It’s a WRAP My friends…..A Passover treat so good, you will use it all year round!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Tortillas for Passover? There must be some sort of mistake! Close your eyes and think about Passover….and what do you see? MATZAH, dry crackers and dry cakes. Oh yes, and potatoes and eggs! That is the food of Passover. And what do you say can make the difference in daily eating? [...]

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Try and Buy

This Sunday, TRY all of our delicious #glutenfree treats and see what the fuss is all about. From 10am to 3pm we are serving up cakes, breads, pizzas, cookies and much more. Best time to stock up, discover and get some good deals….. See you then. And don’t forget to bring your family and friends!!!

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#DWG (Delicious Without Gluten) au AVRIL SUPERMARCHÉ SANTÉ près de chez vous : Pain blanc, pain brun, pain végétalien, pains à hamburger, paninis et baguettes. Tous ces produits sont en promotion ce mois-ci en tant qu’offre de lancement. EN JANVIER SEULEMENT!   DWG fera une démo dans chacun de leurs emplacements. Voici les dates et [...]

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