Voici quelques témoignages et commentaires récents que nos clients nous ont envoyés.

Hi there.

My husband, daughter and I had dinner last night at Montebello. We had the amazing pleasure of having your dinner rolls. And oh my goodness it was honestly the best part of dinner. To see the joy in my husband and daughters eyes was priceless. We live in Ottawa, Ontario. And we are across the bridge from Gatineau. Could you please tell me where we could buy this amazing bread? Thank you. And keep up the great baking. You are changing lives.


Good evening Miriam Pearl,

I just watched you on global news Toronto this evening, and what a great story!  I am so happy to see there are bakeries for people who suffer from celiacs disease.  I know how frustrating it can be for the person that suffers from this disease.  My grandmother had celiacs disease and died from complications in 1989.  I remember my grandmother getting upset not being able to eat the foods she loved, and being German made it difficult for her.  I know you understand as your children suffered from the same disease.  
It’s great to know there are bakeries, especially yours that caters to the different food allergies.  I even see more and more in the grocery stores all the gluten free choices available.  Unfortunately there was not many food choices back in the 80’s.

Great story!  You are an inspiration!
Tara Oliver

I was recently contacted by the folks at Delicious Without Gluten and asked if I would like to review some of their products. They were kind enough to send me a lovely care pack with a variety of their baked goods.

Some quick facts about Delicious Without Gluten

  • Everything is made without gluten, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts
  • They are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association, thus bearing the logo
  • Products are Kosher
  • They have expanded into the Foodservice industry, offering a variety of goods to cafeterias, hospitals, convention centers, and restaurants
  • A Canadian company, based out of Quebec
  • They offer custom orders
  • You can find their products throughout Ontario and Quebec
  • Everything freezes and defrosts beautifully

So What Did I think?

Full disclosure: I had heard a lot about Delicious Without Gluten and was beyond excited to sample away. One of the first things that I noticed was how fresh everything smelled and tasted. You can really tell that that a lot of thought has been put into creating this product line.
I’m happy to report that the bread items can be enjoyed without the use of a toaster. That’s right, they were light, airy and didn’t fall apart. Awards should be given out for gluten-free bread that can be eaten sans toaster. But, if you do enjoy your bread products toasted, they fair well in the toaster as well. Both the bread and paninis make fantastic sandwiches.

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That time the woman who taught you how to make gluten free saved your procrastinating butt with sugar cookie dough so you could bake ALL THE SUGAR COOKIES for your food allergy’s kid birthday party!! Thank you Miriam Pearl!!

Diana Lyrintzis


Armande Jauvin

Félicitations ! Coeliaque  depuis 27 ans et adorant le pain , j’ai goûté à tous les pains auxquels j’ai eu accès . Le vôtre est le tout premier qui me ramène au goût du véritable pain . J’ai même retrouvé le vrai goût du hotdog de mon enfance en utilisant votre pain panini . J’ai bien hâte de goûter d’autres produits . MERCI BEAUCOUP !

Adele Weinstein

The chocolate gluten free hamantaschen were DELICIOUS .
As I have Celiac and I keep kosher, it has been a challenge to eat special holiday treats. I’ve tried to make hamantaschen, but they  usually have a “different taste”. My husband recently started eating gluten free and my 27 year old son has been anaphylatic to nuts and seeds for 21 years.
It  surprises me that Toronto doesn’t have a kosher bakery that makes gluten free baked goods. Anyways, thank you from the entire family.
Keep baking Delicious without Gluten.


Bonjour j ai eu le plaisir de gouter a vos petit pain rond et vos pain a panini ces les meilleur que j ai mangé a date je souffre de la maladie coeliaque depuis 2003 et je ne mangeais pas souvent de pain parce que je ne trouvais rien de bon mais maintenant je suis revenue en bon terme avec le pain grace a vous il me manquais justement des pain pita et je vois que nous allons pouvoir en trouvé très bientôt j ai bien hate de les savourer merci encore pour avoir changé ma vie.


Hi Miriam, Thank you SO much for last night. It was a fun time- with GREAT takeaways!
Last night I had Allie test out an end of the medium sized baguette with a slice of roasted chicken, some lettuce and ketchup, and she loved it! This is a kid who never ate sandwiches before her diagnosis 5 years ago- and has had very few lunch options since then. I could have cried! She looked like a regular kid eating a very appealing looking sandwich. I was about to write that you can’t possibly know what a big deal that is- but I think that you would know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Any time that you make more of those, I would love to get more. Let me know…
Have a great weekend!

Yvonne C

Hi Miriam! I tried your pitas this weekend for pizza and they were so amazing I told everyone I knew… Straight from the freezer, put some sauce and cheese and veggies on it and put it in the oven.  Came out perfect… Crispy on the bottom, soft on the inside, and not paper thin like most other gluten-free crusts.
Loving pizza again thanks to you.

Anne x.

I saw your booth at the show, and tried one of your cupcakes, and without a doubt, one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe how moist it was. Most gluten free cupcakes, to me at least, have a weird texture, but not yours. It literally tasted better than a regular cupcake!

Geneviève Boissonneault

Hi!! A BIG Thank you for the wonderful cooking class (June 2014)!! My daughters loved it and want to go back next week! (They were so sad when I told them it would only be in August). Eve (my youngest with Celiac) says she wants to become a chef, just like you! Your kids are so nice and polite! Thanks again!! Message from Anna and Eve: Bonjour Mme Miriam, Merci pour le merveilleux cours de cuisine! C’était vraiment bon. Nous avons hâte au prochain cours!! Merci encore, Anna (9 ans) et Eve (6 ans).

Carol Bernstein

Just ordered 50 beautiful, delicious cupcakes for my daughter to take to school for her birthday. Everybody LOVED them!!! No one could tell that they were gluten free, and some teachers were asking for the name of the bakery they were from! An amazing treat…

Delicious Without’s schnitzel is a great find. The chicken is pounded so thin, that I can pull the packages out of the freezer, have them defrost in less than half an hour- put them in the oven, and have a great chicken dish in no time! Paired with the latkes, they make a dinner my whole family loves. The cupcakes are delicious- and the decoration- exquisite! Delicious Without will decorate them any way you like.

Suzanne Deschamps

Chère Miriam, Juste un petit mot pour vous dire combien notre famille apprécie vos produits et particulièrement vos pitas et vos muffins que nous mangeons au déjeuner ou comme collation – sans mentionner qu’un de vos petits cupcake à l’occasion est vraiment agréable. Dans un monde où la liste d’additifs de certains produits peut être très longue, Délicieux sans gluten nous offre des collations ou des accompagnements comme ceux que nous pouvons faire à la maison sans que nous ayons à les cuisiner. Vous le faites pour nous! Je vous assure que vos biscuits aux brisures de chocolat font un super cadeau lorsque nous sommes invités chez des amis. Un vrai délice… Merci! P.s. Seul hic, nous aimerions pouvoir acheter vos produits dans plus d’endroits.

Amy Flynn

The Best Gluten Food I have ever tasted! Soups are so delicious, I had soup for 1 week everyday for supper! Thanks Miriam!

Joanne Lapierre

The best gluten free baking I have ever tasted! Thank you

Amy Grauer Budd

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you a big thanks! Back in 2011 when i was finally properly diagnosed, i was relived to learn i was Celiac (and there was something causing my years of suffering) and sad to find out all the foods i was no longer allowed to eat…until i met you You gave me hope that i can still have GOOD delicious food and NOT suffer any consequences! From your yummy cupcakes (which i can eat in one sitting by the way), to your latkas (which i no longer have to drool over the fact my entire family can eat them when i could not!). The fact that you cater to two of my allergies (celiac & lactose) is amazing! Your food is awesome and you give such great customer service! Always there to help me last minute (so sorry i am so disorganized sometimes!) when i need something quick for an event! Thank You!!! ♥♥♥ Yours truly, a sincerely happy customer, Amy!

Rivky Shuchat

Thanks for the Challah recipe. Just made them and they came out great! Excited to have more normal bread again Cheryl Libman Best birthday cake ever…hubby had one made for me at Delicious Without Gluten Dairy Free and Gluten Free and I swear you would NEVER know it… Monica I’m decidedly in love with those breakfast muffins and don’t know how you get them SOOOO fluffy and light.  When are they available in Ottawa????  Wow!  And your crumble is amazing.  My husband has eaten about half of it already, while I’ve been more moderate (but that’s only because baby is taking up so much real estate that food isn’t getting much space!!).  But it will be done tonight :).  Your topping is so good, and the filling is so ‘real’!!  We love love love it!!!  The pita is waiting for an occasion in the freezer and I’m sure it won’t disappoint :).


I’m decidedly in love with those breakfast muffins and don’t know how you get them SOOOO fluffy and light. When are they available in Ottawa???? Wow! And your crumble is amazing. My husband has eaten about half of it already, while I’ve been more moderate (but that’s only because baby is taking up so much real estate that food isn’t getting much space!!). But it will be done tonight :). Your topping is so good, and the filling is so ‘real’!! We love love love it!!! The pita is waiting for an occasion in the freezer and I’m sure it won’t disappoint :).