Inspired by her children, West Island mother opens gluten-free factory


DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX – Miriam Pearl began cooking gluten-free food out of necessity.

Her children, then five and six-years-old were diagnosed with Celiac disease, a serious gluten intolerance and Pearl had to figure out a way to cook for them.

“I went to try to figure out how to make food that is for Celiac disease,” she said.

After trying different recipes, the mother of two created Delicious Without Gluten, a gluten, nut, peanut and dairy-free factory.

It’s also kosher.

“The first thing we sell is bread,” she told Global News.

“We have all kinds of bread, from baguettes and bagels and pita bread and regular bread and buns.”

Pearl and her staff also make desserts – from muffins and brownies to cupcakes and cake pops.

[At birthday parties], one kid is left out or two kids are left out or this one can’t participate,” explained Pearl.

According to one study, around 10 million Canadians are looking for gluten-free products, while 2.5 million require them for medical reasons.

Martine Cohen, a Delicious Without Gluten customer said Pearl’s food is a gift.

“A little less than two years ago, I was diagnosed and then it felt like ‘oh, you can’t eat this,’ there was a whole list of what you can’t do and there weren’t a lot of alternatives on the market,” she said.

Not only were there limited options, Cohen said it was also hard to find foods with good texture and taste.

“[Now], you feel like you have options, you feel like you’re no longer limited,” said Cohen.

But those like Cohen aren’t the only ones enjoying gluten-free food.

Cohen said her kids prefer Pearl’s bread to regular bread as well.

“They’re like ‘can we have some of your bread? Can we have some of what you’re eating?’ And I’m like, ‘but what am I going to eat,’” she said.

Pearl said that’s exactly the point.

“The whole goal isn’t just for my kids,” she said.


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