It is the back-to-school time of the year again and while most parents likely have school-night bedtimes, supplies, uniforms, bus schedules and teachers on their minds some of you are just worrying about your kids’ allergies and food sensitivities. How can you help your child navigate the classroom, the cafeteria and all the situations that they will face? What you can you do to make the transition back into the school environment?

If they’re in preschool or elementary they are still too young and rather helpless in matters of safe eating but before you know it they will be in the upper grades and soon moving on to high school which is a good reason to keep them as involved as possible in their own welfare. Help them to help themselves. Teach them how to thrive by showing them how to become self-sufficient when they are out on their own.

Meanwhile here are some reminders and new ideas to ease their way back into the school environment.
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