Tired of the same old restaurants? Limited by your food restrictions?

IMG_3713We are pretty tired of the very few safe places around the city to eat gluten-free, peanut and nut-free. We don’t like taking chances and we are always looking for something new to discover.

Recently, I was asked to pick up a takeout sushi meal at Yakimonos for a family who was mourning. While I was waiting, I asked the girls at reception if they could accommodate gluten-free meals. I was very surprised that they actually knew about Celiac Disease and that they could accommodated us easily. They seem to understand cross-contamination and infact, said that because they do not have shellfish, many with shellfish allergies frequent this place. (They are kosher, so you can be sure there is no shellfish) I asked further and learned that they are also nut and peanut free. Needless to say, I had to come back and check it out for myself!

My kids and I made a reservation. We were served immediately, service was fast and friendly and the atmosphere quite cozy. All of our concerns and needs were met right away. We felt comfortable, safe and in goods hands with knowledgeable servers.

IMG_3714With a wide menu selection, we were able to eat everything we wanted. Even the crabsticks were gluten-free! We tried the miso soup, seaweed salad, chef salad, edameme beans and sushi rolls to suit each of our tastebuds. We were told which sauces were allowed and which were not, and we feasted with great delight! Presentation was outstanding and each sushi plate was adorned with orange carrot and red beet thin strings, a colourful and tasty addition. For the finally we ordered the lava dessert which was quite special! A soft hot lava mountain cake with caramel ice cream to accompanying it.

My kids were in heaven and thankfully so was I. While Yakimonos has been around for many years, we never knew it was an option for us. We plan to come again and add it to our repertoire. Infact, Yakimono is also known for their amazing takeout menu and so we will be certain to order next time we want a special meal to go!


For more info, go to http://www.yakimono.ca

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