I love the harvest that autumn brings to us. It’s an invigorating time of renewal and bounty in nature and with Rosh Hashanah on our heels, it’s a time for setting intentions for a sweet, bountiful year. My whole family including the gluttons for gluten look forward to eating my gluten free adaptations. I hope to make your year a little sweeter with a couple of fresh ideas for those baskets of harvested apples.

Rosh Hashanah otherwise known as Jewish New Year is on October 3rd this year. Tradition has us eating apples and honey as these symbolize sweetness, blessings, and abundance. Here is an unusually delicious new way to ring in Rosh Hashanah with this recipe of two variations, depending on your entertaining style.

This recipe is 100% allergen free! It’s vegan, has no eggs, no dairy, no soy, no nuts, no peanuts, none of the top allergens!!!! There is nothing in this recipe that anyone around your table shouldn’t be able to eat — unless of course they just don’t like apples! It’s my passion to develop recipes that everyone can eat and this one is sure to be a winner at the supper table.

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