When you have kids you’re always in love. The magic moments are just waiting to happen. All you need to do is grab the opportunities and here is a BIG one! Do you remember the little heart shaped candies with messages on them? Pale and fun color hearts with red colored messages? I know! Well, why not have a little fun with your kids where you create your own messages to send to some of your favourite people? There are endless possibilities to making allergen friendly treats so everyone can be included.

I have a drawer full of cards and drawings and handwritten messages from the kids given to me over the years. They’re sacred to me. Knowing how precious little love notes can be — a word, a phrase, a sentiment — hey, let’s make edible Valentine’s messages. You will want to eat your treats so have fun and don’t forget to take photos of your goodies so you can still save those special memories, or better yet, take photos of you eating them, making them, or a video message incorporating them.

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