I have superstars on my mind. And the gowns they’re going to squeeze into for the Grammys and Oscars this February. This time of year more than ever they’re asked, “Who are you wearing? What did you do to lose weight? What fad diet did you go on to get into that dress?” We seem to really care about that. What they say and do is something we identify with.

Celebrities wield their influence and media outlets go gaga over celebs endorsing their gluten-free choices. Grocery stores have whole aisles dedicated to gluten-free products which are great for those of us who depend on gluten-free eating for health reasons. But who are these celebrities, what are their reasons for deleting gluten from their diet? In the name of fun, let’s see which gluten-free personality you identify with most and if you would like it would be awesome if you would share your reasons why in the comments below.

We all have a story; whose story can you relate to? Now that gluten has become a buzzword in the food/diet/health industries many people are avoiding gluten for all kinds of reasons. Whose stories are similar to yours?

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