As pallets leave our warehouse, we are thrilled to know that as of June, Boston Pizza will be adding to all of their restaurants a vegan burger that will come with DWG’s vegan hamburger bun. It will also be used as a gluten-free burger bun option for their regular burger and for this we are excited and thrilled for the opportunity.

Having food safety certifications has allowed DWG to make it more possible to get to those who rely on food safety, and these days, it is a MUST in the industry. Good taste is our other secret weapon. One without the other, just won’t do!

Boston Pizza and DWG

Vegan Burger at Boston Pizza

Black bean and brown rice patty with a hint of jalapeño, on a vegan GlutenWise®‡ bun, with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and guacamole.