Gluten-free cookbooks and blogs keep popping up and many use “Gluten-Free” to describe recipes that are already, always have been, never needed to be questioned about containing gluten. Are you kidding me? There is no revelation here… no one needs a gluten-free recipe for squash soup, salads and steak!

Please, let me set the record straight on this one. Vegetables, beans and legumes, eggs, meat, poulty, fish, fresh herbs and fruits have been gluten-free through the ages and still are!

The hype and the number of people who have latched onto “gluten-free” as an attention grabbing catch phrase to attract readers is troubling and confusing to the general public who are just learning what is and what isn’t safe to eat. It’s the addition of prepared foods that may taint these naturally gluten-free foods with gluten. Either gluten ingredients are added to the products or they become cross-contaminated by the facilities they are made in. And this is where you need to be on alert and start questioning.

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