There is a recent story that was in the news that caused me to stop in my tracks and scratch my head.
It was about a woman who was upset because a restaurant she went to charged $1 more for requesting allergy-friendly food. She was not only surprised, the article says, but offended.

Well, I have a different point of view and let it be known that if I know a restaurant has measures in place to serve me uncontaminated ready-made food that won’t make my kids’ sick…..I am all in. CHARGE ME and yes, thank you for me giving me a break from having to cook!

Eating out is a luxury. Eating out gluten-free is a luxury on top of a luxury! It’s a real treat to go to a restaurant, but people who have celiac or allergies don’t have many options where they feel eating is safe.

Gluten-free is more expensive and yet people don’t understand why that is. I want them to know that it is not because they can get away with it or because they want to take advantage of the less fortunate.

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