I attended Ottawa’s Gluten Free Utopia in May. It is a consumer show that brings together more than 40 regional vendors specializing in all things Gluten-Free.


My neighbors Taj Indian Cuisine, were crazy busy with people sampling and buying all kinds of absolutely delicious Indian food. (The food was amazing!!!) With 28 years behind them as a fixture in the Ottawa eating scene Taj Indian Cuisine is family-owned and focused on innovative recipes and customer experience. It’s no wonder they are so good at what they do.


Owner Indu Bakshi who specializes in North Indian Punjabi style cooking has incredible talent in the kitchen as well as a deep sensitivity to his customers. As she said to me, “We understand the various ways of life and try our best to accommodate by serving our clients’ differences whether preferring gluten free, being a vegan, vegetarian or loving their meat!”


Taj Indian Cuisine is the best way to “Experience Indian Hospitality”.






Why did you decide to come to the Gluten free Utopia?

We thought this would be a good place to raise awareness that our family restaurant offers Gluten free dishes and gluten free bread called “Besan Roti” made of chickpea flour.


Can you safely serve people with Celiac Disease and ensure no cross contamination?

Yes! Years ago Taj was approached by the President of a Celiac organization and since then we are listed there. The way our kitchen is set up our tandoor (clay oven) is used to make all wheat items.  We do not use flour in any of our curries. Plus our staff is experienced in cooking for both gluten and celiac clients.




Do you have peanuts or nuts in your restaurant?

We do not use peanuts, however we use almond as garnish on certain dishes and our korma dishes in the menu are made with our in-house cashews sauce. We are careful with the nuts and we can safely say it is safe for people with nut allergies to visit us.


What is your most popular dish?Restaurant Review

That would be Butter Chicken and Alu Gobi Masala (potatoes and cauliflower).


Do people need to bring their own gf bread to your restaurant?

Because we have our own GF besan roti, there’s no need to bring their own bread. We cook the gluten free bread on a separate and designated flat iron pan.


It is our goal to ensure all clients visiting our restaurant enjoy the food, relax and “Experience Indian Hospitality” and become a part of our restaurant family.





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