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As A Mom, Gluten-Free Certification Is A Matter Of Trust

The gluten-free food industry is booming with sales in this category alone as of 2015 at $11.6 billion. With this kind of growth, pretty much every food company under the sun wants in on this lucrative market. With new companies popping up all over the place, how can you know what and who to trust [...]

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Which Gluten-Free Celebrity Are You Most Like?

I have superstars on my mind. And the gowns they're going to squeeze into for the Grammys and Oscars this February. This time of year more than ever they're asked, "Who are you wearing? What did you do to lose weight? What fad diet did you go on to get into that dress?" We seem [...]

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I’m A Gluten-Free Mom, And My Kids Eat Cake

One per cent of the gluten-free population is Celiac, and when they consume gluten they become violently sick. The other 99 per cent is either seriously or somewhat intolerant of gluten, while others still are either following a fad or altogether ill-informed. Millions of people are giving up gluten, everyone for their own personal reasons, [...]

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Gluten-Free Baking: How To Get Started

Is your New Year's resolution to start baking gluten-free? Did you ever want to try but didn't know how to start? Today is your lucky day.... If you are a baker, you know that you don't use bread flour when you make an Angel Food Cake, right? In fact, there are special blends of flour [...]

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Holiday Entertaining For Guests With Allergies And Intolerances

You want to invite your friends and family over for a holiday meal but Jane is allergic to fish, Alex is intolerant to gluten and Lisa can't eat dairy, and oh yes, Lisa's daughter has a nut allergy. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Don't give up on them baby. Any entertaining you do [...]

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3 Gluten-Free Recipes For Comforting Winter Soups

First Posted: 11/24/2015 on Huffington Post During the frigid winter months I think about snuggling in bed longer and staying home to nestle. All those layers of clothes we wear trying to keep the chill off our bones, all that snow that needs shoveling and the car that takes forever to heat up... wouldn't it [...]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Cook With Your Kids

If it were up to me every family would schedule time to cook together. When my kids were very, very young I'd involve them by asking them to pass ingredients or place the sliced red peppers for the mouth of their happy face pizza. Our kitchen then had a play area so it was easy [...]

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Halloween 2015

Can Halloween still be fun for someone with gluten, nut and dairy allergies? Absolutely! Aside from decorating the house, carving the pumpkin and finding the perfect costume, putting your kids in the eye of a candy storm can be a frightening prospect. Getting ready for a gluten-free, peanut-free or anything else free Halloween just needs [...]

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What to Do Next After Being Diagnosed With Celiac Disease

You're in constant abdominal pain, feeling tired and sluggish all the time, irritable and losing weight without even trying. What's wrong? You visit the doctor's office far more times than you want to, but they can't find the problem for all this suffering. Feeling calm or happy are distant memories as you trudge through each [...]

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12 Delicious Ways to Serve Gluten-Free Foods on a Stick

Kids have the right idea. They eat food off sticks like nobody's business. Cake pops, chocolate covered marshmallows, frozen treats on a stick, but I wonder, hey why not good-for-you-food too and how about us grownups? August is a great time for outdoor eating, poolside snacking, brunches and BBQ's so I thought, why not stick [...]

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